Communication Mastery for Businesses

Gain credibility, connect with your clients remotely, and make sure that your team’s communication skills enable you to meet your business goals.

Nowadays the corporate sector is facing one of its biggest challenges over the past years:

So if there is an essential skill for any organisation in this hyper connected era, that’s the skill that allows you to convey ideas, persuade people, and build better relationships both inside and outside your business.

That’s what we call communication skills.

Communication Mastery is a programme designed to help organisations meet their business goals by offering a gamified, hands-on and collaborative user experience that allows participants to lead their learning path without the need for a trainer.

Communication skills need to be practised to make sure that professionals achieve great results

Offering your team the opportunity to practise these skills results in the increase of your business’s profitability because this course:

Improves productivity

by up to 12%(1), since people understand each other better.

(1) Harvard, Boston College, Michigan University: Soft skills training and productivity (2017)

Is 100% online,

as it uses videos to teach participants to communicate effectively.

Increases the percentage of successful sales

resulting from highly effective strategies which rely on more persuasive messages and more convincing arguments.

Increases performance

as it maximizes team cohesion and therefore its ability to develop projects smoothly.

Saves time

as it results in more efficient meetings, more successful presentations, and email exchanges that go straight to the point.

Improves customer satisfaction

since transparent communication results in the alignment of expectations with the reality of the service actually being provided.

Communication Mastery combines the flexibility of online training programmes with the hands-on approach of on-site training programmes

This is a gamified training programme that combines the main tools of rhetoric, marketing, NLP, and behavioural sciences to help team members to:

The course is structured in concrete and intuitive themes tailored to suit the individual needs of each professional profile. Its multimedia content and hands-on approach guarantee its immediate implementation to strengthen the participants’ social, commercial and communication skills.

Its methodology accelerates the participants’ ability to get results

Short training modules aimed to work on concrete skills. Participants will learn fast regardless of where they are and the moment of the day they might choose to devote to the programme.

30 minutes per day
10 days
A skill

This way, the training programme of your team will be tailored to suit its needs and the demands of your organization.

For instance, an executive who has just been promoted and needs to develop a concrete skill such as “communication skills for leaders”.

For instance, a more technical profile who needs to start having contact with clients and therefore needs to focus on “Commercial Skills”, “Rhetoric”, and “Remote Communication”.

“It’s amazing! I truly love it! I think it’s the very best in the market.”
Gerardo Barcia
Business Agility Consultant, BBVA Next Technologies

Unit by unit, Communication Mastery shows you how to transform your team’s performance

Delivered from the e-learning platform of your company, it will enable your staff to:

Introductory unit aimed at all professionals from across the board within your company.

Aimed at any professional whose responsibilities include presenting ideas and projects to groups of people.

Aimed at professionals who are expected to reach agreements with clients and collaborators from other sectors, including high or middle management with no sales background or junior executives from across the board.

Aimed at high or middle management, sales executives and delocalized teams who are currently working from home or in isolation.

Aimed at internal trainers, human resource officers or experts who have important knowledge or skills which need to be shared internally.

Aimed at junior and newly-hired staff taking part in the initial onboarding process.

Aimed at professionals who are beginning to lead teams.

Aimed at salespeople, senior and middle managers and all those professionals who deal with other entities or clients.

Thanks to this course, your team will be able to:

These are the five stages that your team
will go through within the programme

Would you like to find out, unit by unit, which are the communication skills required
to maximise your business results?

"Knowing how to communicate effectively could be the basis to develop another set of concrete skills, such as convincing clients, conveying knowledge, building relationships with your team based on trust, negotiating, etc. Working on these skills is complex because it requires an extensive and intensive training plan. Communication Mastery meets all these needs as it combines the 100% online component of the programme with hands-on live sessions with Sebastián.”
Gemma Villalbi
Head of Training, Cuatrecasas

Delivered by Sebastián Lora and Conor Neill

Industrial engineer. MBA in Aviation. Over 10 years of international experience in the corporate sector and 8 years of experience in the communications sector.

As the author of “Unstoppable” and “How to get people to listen and make your ideas triumph”, he provides professional training to executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals from a wide variety of sectors through individual, group and online sessions. The main focus of these sessions is to improve the participants’ communication skills, which in turn, improves their results.

With more than 450 000 subscribers and over 21 million views, his YouTube channel has managed to pique the interest of audiences worldwide thanks to his training modules. These modules have turned his learning process into a one of a kind online experience which is now helping companies meet their business results.

Conor Neill is President of Vistage Spain and a Professor of Leadership at IESE Business School, one of the world’s leading MBA schools.  He has taught over 30,000 senior leaders the skills of powerful persuasive communication over the last 15 years.

Conor Neill is President of Vistage Spain.  Vistage is the world’s leading organisation for CEOs.  The mission of Vistage is to improve the effectiveness and enhance the lives of CEOs and key executives.  The 4 core values of Vistage are Trust, Caring, Challenge and Growth.

Conor has delivered keynote addresses to many global conferences over the last 10 years.  Conor was the Closing Keynote on Leadership for the 2014 Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Global Leadership Conference, the main Keynote speaker at the Leadership Concert in Bucharest, regularly keynotes HR Director Summit Europe and major business events such as Mobile World Congress, IBM global leadership meeting, ADP global partner congress.

Conor has been teaching Leadership Communication programs for over 15 years.  He is Lecturer at IESE Business School in Barcelona.  Conor runs the IESE Leaderships Communications courses for MBA and Executive MBAs and many senior director programs.  He is a regular guest Lecturer at UCD Smurfit Business School in Dublin and at IEEM in Montevideo, Uruguay. He has worked with organisations such as Accenture, Applus, Barcelona Activa, The UK Labour Party, Microsoft, Novartis, IBM, ISDIN, Partido Popular, Puig and Santander Bank delivering seminars on Leadership through Communication.

You have seen us:

“Now that everything is done remotely there is an impending need to learn how to communicate effectively through the screen. Communication Mastery has a very disruptive approach, there is nothing similar in the market as it offers the tools needed to learn how to be persuasive remotely (and in person).”
Raquel Montesinos
Learning Partner, Vodafone

Frequently asked questions

Once we have agreed to work together, we will proceed to align your business’s needs with the contents that your team will receive.

Later on we will install the course in your company’s platform, plan its implementation, and carry out those follow-up activities aimed to guarantee that you achieve your goals.

The investment by the organization will depend on the number of employees who will have access to the platform.

What you can definitely count on is that this training system designed for big companies that wish to add value and increase their business results implies an investment that is lower than the one required to offer their employees one coffee per month.

My on-site training programmes for big companies have managed to help team members from across the board to strengthen their communication skills and maximize their results.

At the same time, I have taught courses via digital platforms with a high level of competence, demand and complexity.

My Youtube channel has nowadays become a benchmark to learn how to develop social and communications skills. In fact, it has more than 450 000 subscribers and has gathered more than 21 million views.

Such track record has allowed me to integrate all of my on-site students’ experiences in a single digital platform to create a comprehensive online training course. 

Communication Mastery was designed to help professionals develop their communications skills thanks to multimedia content expressed in short modules. Its hands-on, gamified and collaborative system allows participants to easily and quickly acquire the concepts contained in the theoretical modules.

The programme can be implemented right away thanks to its hands-on design.

Its results will be noticeable the minute participants take part in the programme and apply the skills learnt.

Thanks to Communication Mastery, the members of your team will be able to develop a wide range of skills by just devoting half an hour of their time every day along 10 days.

The more invested the participants are in the programme, the more noticeable its results will be. This level of commitment implies not only watching the videos, but also doing the corresponding exercises and taking part in group work sessions with other professionals who are covering the same unit.

The content offered can be approached in short time slots, during breaks, to allow your team to develop new skills without neglecting their daily tasks.

The estimated viewing time of each module, along with the estimated time needed to do the corresponding exercises, will be specified at the beginning of each unit. This way, you will always be able to identify the minutes your team members require to acquire those concrete skills that they will be capable of putting into practice right away.

On average, by just devoting half an hour of their day along 10 days, your team members will be able to acquire a new skill.

This is the one and only online communications training programme capable of generating an impact that matches that of an on-site training programme. What makes it unique is the fact that it is customised to suit every professional’s profile, designed to be approached at the pace of each employee, and created to be easily accessed. And all of this at the very best quality-price ratio in the market.

Thanks to this programme, those budget limitations that do not allow to choose the “perfect training programme”, along with remote working or social distancing constraints, won’t prevent you from efficiently and closey follow up on your team’s development and training.

Its exercises have been created to simulate the feedback, interactions and dynamic that are typical of on-site training, consequently ensuring effective results.

In addition, there is also the possibility to work on on-site hands-on sessions if you want to supplement what was learnt by the team during the online course.

The content is designed to be hosted by your company’s e-learning platform, so that participants can use those tools with which they are already familiar.

In the event that your Company doesn’t have an e-learning platform, we could consider other options.

Once we have laid the foundations for our agreement, you will be sent all the contents to be implemented in your e-learning platform. Besides, we will support your training and development team to plan the internal roll-out of the programme, in order to ensure that it piques employees’ interest and therefore fosters their participation to guarantee that they achieve their goals.

“I'd like to thank you for the effective way in which you managed to get every single one of us involved in the course. We all learned from it. Through your kindness and motivation, you drew out each person’s strengths, helping us in our day-to-day work. I found this particularly helpful due to the challenges of my position. You gave pertinent and elegantly delivered advice to each of us: I can only congratulate you! Your advice has stayed with me and I try to apply it every day. I keep the list you gave us within sight as I believe using what you taught us helps me improve every day. I really believe that you teach this course in an absolutely exceptional way.”
Alicia Blanes
Deputy Commercial Director, B The Travel Brand